Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi is "likely" to end his stay at Paris Saint-Germain, a source close to the club has told AFP AFP / FRANCK FIFE

Lionel Messi fans in Barcelona are giddy with excitement after news broke over the weekend that the Argentine star has returned to the Catalan city. What makes this news more exciting is that he and his family reportedly had as many as fifteen suitcases in tow.

There have been many rumours surrounding Messi's possible return to Football Club Barcelona. Club officials have been vocal about their efforts to get the club legend to stage a comeback, but no confirmation has so far been announced.

Now, the flames are being fuelled by Messi's trip with his wife Antonela Roccuzzo and their children. Just hours after playing in PSG's 2-1 victory against Angers in Ligue 1, he landed at Barcelona's El Prat Airport with his family around noon on Saturday.

This was revealed by Spanish journalist Gerard Romero via livestream on his Twitch channel. While it is not necessarily unusual for the Messi family to travel back to Barcelona where they still maintain their family home, having so many bags with them raised speculations.

It may be remembered that Messi moved to the Catalan capital when he was still a teenager and spent most of his teenage years and adult life there while playing for the Blaugrana. He moved to France in 2021 to play for Paris Saint-Germain FC, but still keeps his primary residence in Spain.

According Sport, he was met by his bodyguard Pepe Costa upon his return, and the family was shuttled back to their mansion located at the upscale Barcelona suburb of Castelldefels.

Is Messi getting ready to move back to Barcelona?

The big question on the minds of Barcelona fans is whether or not the visit is a precursor to a more permanent move this summer. It may be remembered that the World Cup winner's contract with PSG is set to expire at the end of June. Over the past several weeks, the Ligue 1 giants have not been aggressive in expressing their desire to extend the Argentine's contract.

On the contrary, Barcelona president Joan Laporta has spoken many times about the club's desire to welcome Messi back home. Despite the club's financial troubles, they are reportedly looking at ways to compensate Messi through gate receipts and merchandise sales even if they can't offer him a big salary.

Despite all of these speculations, it is also possible that Messi is only back in town to celebrate Saint Jordi's day, which is one of the biggest holidays in Barcelona. Having lived there for most of his life, it may have been reason enough for him to want to go back to enjoy a short break with the family.

Another clue points to a comeback

Journalist Adrian Sanchez went on his YouTube channel "Mas que pelotas" to claim that he has exclusive information about Messi's plans for the future. Even though he can't confirm that the player will re-sign with FC Barcelona, Sanchez claims that the number 10 has already reserved spots for his children at the school they previously went to when they lived in the city.

"A while ago I had a very important conversation and, after checking with various sources, we can tell you that Messi's family has asked for a reservation for a place for his children at the school where they have gone all their lives and have all their friends," he said, adding that the enrollment reservations "make it clear" that the Argentine is planning on moving back to the city.

Apart from the reservations, Sanchez also claims to know that the Messi children have not signed up for the following school year at the school that they are currently attending in France.

"For me this is an absolute bombshell and makes it clear where he is going. Messi's head is in Barcelona," he concluded.