Healthverse PanoramicWEB, an online platform providing a 360-degree connection between patients, hospitals, and doctors globally, was awarded the "2024 Best European Digital Health Innovation" at the European Digital Healthcare Excellence Forum in Rotterdam, attended by over 50 hospitals. The jury recognized Healthverse PanoramicWEB for enabling a sense of trust before patients even arrive at the hospital, enhancing the experience throughout the hospital-patient-doctor process. The system allows patients to virtually tour facilities, consult with doctors, and access multilingual information, facilitating increased patient engagement in a short time. The platform also features a real-time tele-sales tracking system, quickly identifying the user's focus to tailor the process according to their interests.

Healthverse PanoramicWEB Technology Brings the Hospital to You with One Click

The digital platform Healthverse PanoramicWEB, a leading technology in telehealth, is now being utilized at Liv Hospital for the first time. As one of Turkey's significant venture projects, Healthverse PanoramicWEB brings together international patient advisors, doctors, and patients online, offering a 360-degree tour of the hospital's facilities through just a link.

Thanks to the Healthverse PanoramicWEB platform, patients can tour the hospital in 360 degrees from anywhere in the world, guided by a patient advisor, and consult with doctors about the treatment plan. Healthverse PanoramicWEB gathers patient advisors, doctors, and patients in a digital space, where healthcare professionals can digitally clone themselves into the hospital environment, even when not physically present, to fulfill their duties.

Cleveland Clinic, Liv Hospital, Gesù Children's Hospital, at an event
Photo: [From left to right: Cleveland Clinic, Liv Hospital, Gesù Children's Hospital, at an event attended by Europe's top 50 hospitals. This lineup highlights the achievements and prominence of these institutions in the healthcare sector.] Liv Hospital

We aim to double the rate of foreign patients with Healthverse PanoramicWEB

Meri İstiroti, Group Coordinator of Liv Hospital, stated, "At Liv Hospital, we found the opportunity to show our patients the latest technological equipment of our hospitals by listening to their health-related issues one-on-one and explaining the necessary treatments through Healthverse PanoramicWEB. Thus, our patients experienced firsthand from our international patient advisors and doctors the processes awaiting them, reinforcing their trust in us remarkably."

Digitalization in healthcare greatly facilitates patient careMeri İstiroti commented on the rapid advancement of technology and its significant changes in the healthcare sector, "Digitalization in healthcare offers innovative solutions in many areas, from patient care to data management, diagnostic methods to treatment processes. The development of medical technology and, consequently, current medical protocols, advance in parallel with the evolution of computing. The healthcare service production is significantly incorporating digital platforms, whether through the development of new technologies based on computing, the digital transformation of hospital management infrastructure, or digital environments related to the protection and sharing of personal information.

These developments are quickly becoming part of our daily lives in our country and worldwide. They provide great convenience in tracking and analyzing processes related to guest services, patient care, physician-patient relationships, and backend stock cost analyses. The introduction of artificial intelligence in medicine, especially in the modeling of monitoring and treatment options for chronic diseases such as oncology, cardiology, and diabetes, further promotes the advancement of digitalization in healthcare."

Liv Hospital adopts a patient-focused and holistic approach that consistently renews itself by integrating the latest technological developments into every phase of the healthcare journey. Utilizing artificial intelligence in treatments and transitioning towards digital guest services and hospital management, Liv Hospital provides a multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach to patient care. Liv Hospital's dedication to utilizing technology for the benefit of patients is encapsulated in its guiding principle: " The Future of Healthcare."