Model Elizabeth Hurley and Cricketer Shane Warne have taken to Twitter to address speculations about their relationship status.

"Some of the reports re EH & me r absolute rubbish. Yes we're sorting through some (private) issues. But we're not throwing the towel in yet," Warne posted in Twitter.

Meanwhile, Hurley also posted her clarifications about the spilt on Twitter. "Apologies to loyal followers for Twitter silence on recent events. Too raw & personal to share right now," Hurley tweeted.

However, both the versions seemed contradicting with Hurley's suggesting that she and Warne were no longer together and Warne insisting that the pair hadn't thrown in the towel yet.

It is rumoured that Warne's close friendship with ex-wife Simone Callahan was the reason behind the spilt. Hurley was also reported to be seeking comfort in the arms of her ex-boyfriend Hugh Grant.

"Elizabeth found out he had been over at Simone's house a lot. She seemed to get the idea that something more than friendship was going on. Liz couldn't ever handle Shane and Simone being friends," a source close to Hurley told The Sun. The pair split in 2005 amid allegations that Warne had been unfaithful and in 2010, he started seeing Hurley. The couple got enaged in 2011. Before seeing Warne, Hurley was married to Indian businessman Arun Nayar.

Hurley is currently in the UK with all her attention focussed on the rehearsals for TV pilot The Royals, where she will play the role of The Queen. Warne just celebrated his 44th birthday last week.