Louis Tomlinson has revealed the real reason Zayn Malik quit One Direction. In March, after five years with the group, Malik announced he is leaving the British boy band.

During an interview with Australian radio station KIIS FM, Tomlinson talked about how the group continued as a four-piece after the 22-year-old singer left. He told radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O: "I think it's like anything, it's a difficult time at first in any job when you lose part of your crew but in reality it ended up being a positive for us because we knew the four of us really wanted to make it work and I think we're showing that."

"​We carried on making the record and business as usual. He had his own reasons; the bottom line is he did fall out of love with the music, which is absolutely fine," he added.

At that time, X Factor judge Louis Walsh admitted to Irish radio station RTE Radio One, that he knew the band was having issues for some time. He said: "I have heard the rumours for the last few weeks that everything wasn't happy in paradise."

"The problem with these guys is they've been in a bubble for the last five years, pressure, working, a lot harder than people think, so something had to give. So Zayn was the first person just to crack up a little bit."

"He's had an amazing time with the other guys. That's the good side of it. The dark side of it is all the travelling, the airports, in a bubble, not really seeing real life," Walsh added.