The knives were out for Amy Willerton as the I'm a Celebrity camp just turned nasty, and it has little to do with jungle critters and cockroaches.

The 21-year-old beauty queen has been on the receiving end of her fellow campmates snide asides, almost since the outset of the show.

But with suspicions of game-playing rife, the bitching went up a notch, as Willerton was elected by the public to join Westlife's Kian Egan and TOWIE star Joey Essex as a camp saviour, winning the power to secure immunity for three of the other celebrities.

Kicking off the first round of Amy bashing, Eastenders star Laila Morse was the first to react to the news that the public had voted to make Willerton a camp saviour. "Did you know who Amy Was?" asked Morse. "I never seen her and never heard of her in my life."

"I was quite surprised because I didn't know who she was," added Morse. "She does like to manoeuvre herself around with her tops on so yes, she's the eye candy in the factory."

Citing Willerton's insatiable ambition as a driving force behind their mistrust of her, Morse commented: "She'd stab you in the back as look at you that one."

With the camp saviours choosing to grant immunity from elimination to Vincent Simone, Rebecca Adlington and David Emanuel , Willerton unwittingly riled the rest of the camp, and with the Miss Universe GB out of the way, the celebrities made most of the opportunity to put the boot in.

"Today was a really nice day," said former model Annabel Giles. "Nice to have a day without the kids. Apart from Kian. I think Amy picked Becca because she's the only person who can stomach her," added the 43-year-old bluntly.

Broadcaster Matthew Wright echoed the sentiment saying: "Amy going out to be a saviour for the day was a really welcome decision by the rest of us. I'll admit she's irked me to some degree because I think she's quite tactical," he added.

Not one to hold back, the Wright show host finally let rip, mimicking Willerton as he said: "I get tired I get cold.' Put some f*****g clothes on and get up. Too indulged, too spoilt, too selfish, too ambitious, a pain in the a***."

Turning to the bush telegraph, royal designer David Emanuel commented on the growing tide of jealousy directed at the 21-year-old saying: "The green eye of envy is creeping in. Is it because she's a beauty? There's certainly a lot for the girls to talk about."

Oblivious to the animosity for her back at camp, Willerton privately celebrated her selection as saviour, saying: "I can't believe it. I can't believe I'm a camp saviour. It's really surreal. It's really cool to be picked out of everybody and I feel really special."

"I'm all about winning and crowns," she admitted. "I'm naturally really competitive so an immunity token is important to me."

Emmerdale star Lucy Pargeter's sly digs haven't got unnoticed by Amy though, and may have been a factor in Willerton ensuring that her camp rival would not win immunity from elimination.

"I think she would much rather know what the public think and obviously she wants to see her boyfriend and little girl," the beauty queen said.

With the first elimination of the series due to take place on Sunday night, the remaining celebrities must face a collective bushtrucker trial called Critter Crates, with the winner securing immunity from the first vote off, while the rest are up for elimination.

Pargeter and camp confidante Emanuel are the bookies favourites to be voted off first.

Find out who survives the vote off on the first live elimination show on ITV1 Sunday 1 December at 9pm.