The celebrated romance and the subsequent marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton could form the central theme of a new movie.

Well, it's heartening news for royal fans. But, any guess about the brain behind such a dream project?

The answer will double the excitement of fans. It's none other than pop legend Madonna.

Close on the heels of the UK premiere of her new movie "W.E", which deals with a romantic saga in the life of King Edward VIII of Britain and American divorcee Wallis Simpson, Madge has revealed the plans for another movie on the British Monarchy.

"I think maybe it is too soon to make a film about William and Kate but I definitely would if I could wait a decade first. I like Kate Middleton and think she's quite chic and intelligent. I hope she's a fan of mine, too," she has been quoted by the Mirror as saying.

She added: "Wallis and Edward's world was so diverse and complex and it was a privilege and honour to be - surrounded by a wealth of - history. They were such interesting characters and were surrounded by so many interesting people. I never got bored of their story."