A 20-year-old man living in Gran Canaria, Spain, has admitted to beating his neighbour to death with shears after she complained about noise from his video games, a court heard Monday.

The suspect, identified only as Alberto MP, from Las Palmas, the co-capital of Gran Canaria, has denied being responsible for his actions. According to local media, his legal team told the court he suffered from a personality disorder and was addicted to violent video games.

"I regret it because it was not me," the defendant said, according to Spanish outlet Antena3. The incident occurred in October 2015 and prosecutors are now asking for suspect to face up to 25 years in prison.

The suspect's representative claimed the defendant was introverted and struggled to tell the difference between video games and real life, so much so he believed he was "in a parallel world" when he murdered his female neighbour, a 27-year-old university student.

The suspect is accused of delivering "more than a dozen blows to the head" using wire cutters after she complained about the noise coming from his apartment, Antena3 reported.

Prosecutors didn't accept excuses, saying the culprit "wanted to kill" the victim and left her dying on the ground without calling the emergency services. He is alleged to have hid the weapon.

After committing the violent act, the suspect is believed to have returned home and changed his bloody clothes. One lawyer, hired by the victims' relatives, called his actions "vile and cowardly."

Alongside a long prison sentence, the murder suspect, who reportedly gamed for up to 8 hours a day, could be forced to pay €100,000 to each of the victim's parents and €50,000 to her sister.

The trial around the university student's death continues this week at the Provincial Court of Las Palmas. On Tuesday (14 November), the court will hear from the witnesses in the case.