The man travelling in a two car family convoy, who died after both cars skidded and fell head long into the River Wye in Derbyshire has been named as 42 year old David Cox. The accident happened as Mr Cox was travelling with his 11 year old daughter on his way to work at the BBC, when the car is believed to have hit an icy patch. His daughter escaped from the icy river water, but although rescuers pulled Mr Cox from the car, he later died in hospital from his injuries.

Then the second car that his wife was driving with their 9 year old son on board also skidded on the same icy patch and plunged headlong into the river. Both family members swam to safety. Derbyshire Fire and Rescue department have released a statement confirming that the 'bad weather certainly contributed to the tragic accident".

And there are warnings of further snowfall in parts of the UK this weekend, as well with heavy rain forecast, which could increase the threat of flooding. So be prepared if you are in Scotland, northern and eastern England and the Midlands. And follow the latest weather and travel updates wherever you are.

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