"Broken" Matt Hardy and his brother Jeff Hardy aka "Brother Nero", in a video that Matt released on Youtube on Tuesday (28 March), warned they will "delete" Impact Wrestling if they are challenged over the "broken" gimmick.

The brothers also slammed Anthem Sports and Jeff Jarrett for the way they were treated when they quit the promotion in February. At the time, a report from Pro Wrestling Sheet claimed that the bothers did not sign new deals with the promotion because they were "disrespected" during contract negotiations.

The brothers also dropped their TNA tag team titles into the "Lake of Reincarnation" for a set of new belts.

"We have grown much bigger than these tag team titles of the world. We must reincarnate these titles into something greater," Matt said, to which Jeff responded, "Yes, our tag team greatness cannot be just confined by one world. We are the greatest tag team in all of space and time."

"We must render these tag team titles obsolete," Matt said and added that they are the final TNA tag team champions.

Matt has captioned the video: "After exerting everything within our VESSELS to make TNA trendy and cool again, we were betrayed by the OBSOLETE OWL. Since we carried the TNA Tag Titles to a CELESTIAL plane, as well as becoming greater than our host, the #7Deities mandated that I REINCARNATE these OBSOLETE Titles."

Matt and Jeff's outburst comes just days after Impact Wrestling added their trademark symbol to every video of "Broken Matt", "Brother Nero" and the "Broken" universe on the promotion's official YouTube channel.

After leaving TNA, the brothers and Impact Wrestling have been at a war-of-words as their former promotion does not want the wrestlers to take their "Broken" gimmick to rival promotions like the WWE.

Matt Hardy
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