A man found dead with his two young children seven year old Ben and 6 year old Freya on a bridleway in Newton Stacey, Andover, has been named as Michael Pedersen, a former soldier who survived an IRA bomb attack on mounted cavalry 30 years ago, it has emerged. The bodies of Sgt Michael Pedersen, 51, and his two children were found in a secluded rural area. Hampshire Police said they believe Pedersen, from Surrey, stabbed the children to death then killed himself. According to a neighbour, Pedersen, who ran a haulage firm, had lived with his wife, two children and Staffordshire bull terrier dog in a terraced house in a quiet street in Ashford, Middlesex. And had separated from the children's mother in mid-September.

Pedersen was a member of a Household Cavalry unit hit by an IRA nail bomb as they passed through London's Hyde Park on their way to the changing of the guard ceremony in 1982.Four soldiers with the Blues and Royals and seven horses died in the blast. A number of horses, including Sefton, which was ridden by Pedersen, were severely injured but Sefton went on to make a full recovery and was honoured as Horse of the Year.

A police spokesman said "The families of Michael, Ben and Freya have been informed and family liaison officers from Hampshire Constabulary, and officers from Surrey Police, are working with them to provide support and keep them updated as the investigation progresses."

Written and presented by Ann Salter