Mick Foley wants Brock Lesnar as Kurt Angle's final WWE opponent. The Raw general manager's comment comes right after the former WWE champion said that he was not done with active wrestling and could still fight in the wrestling entertainment company. Angle quit the WWE in 2006.

Speaking on Jim Ross podcast, Foley said, "There's an aura around Brock, he definitely has an aura, even among the boys. And I think a lot of people knock the part-time aspect, but, man, Paul Heyman said it's the same reason you don't celebrate Christmas every day. It's too important. You don't get Brock Lesnar all the time."

"I'd love to see that match and I think it would be a great match and a fitting exit for Kurt, if that's the way he chooses to go out," he added.

The Olympic gold medallist will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame a night before WrestleMaina 33 on 2 April. Speaking on the SiriusXM Rush, he said that he did not receive proper farewell from active wrestling and is hopeful that it happens with a fight at the WWE.

"Triple H and I did not talk about wrestling for the WWE after Wrestlemania," Angle said. "Do I think it will happen? Yes. Do I know for sure? No."

Angle, in a recently interview with ProWrestlingStories, revealed that he would love to fight AJ Styles, who made his debut at WWE Royal Rumble 2016.

Angle praised The Phenomenal One as the best WWE wrestler as he is 'so easy to work with" in the ring. "He is frickin'," Angle said and added that it is incredible how Styles has always managed to have "five-star match".

"That's what's so cool about it. You know it's going to be a five-star match if he matches your ability. I'm talking the Ambrose's and the Rollins', the John Cena's and Kurt Angle's. As long as you're up there with him, you're going to have that type of match with AJ because he is so easy to work with," the 47-year-old said.

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