After rebranding Nokia's Priority stores as Microsoft Priority Reseller stores worldwide, the technology giant has opened its first reseller store in Malaysia.

As per a report in Malaysian tech-portal Lowyat, this is Microsoft's first Priority Reseller store in Asia Pacific, with more authorised stores expected to open in the near future, both in Asia and across the world.

The Malaysian store will reportedly sell Lumia smartphones, Microsoft Surface tablets, Office 365 software packages along with smartphone/tablet accessories.

According to the Lowyat report, customers made a beeline at the store as soon as it was open for public, as the Redmond-based firm was offering free Monster headsets to the first 50 customers purchasing smartphones/tablets at the store.

Microsoft is also giving away gift-vouchers and has numerous offers for those purchasing Lumia smartphones and Surface tablets.

Lowyat further stated that the store in Malaysia did not have any stock of hardware products and accessories, but is expected to do so in due course of time.

Reports also suggest that Microsoft would open 14 more stores in the country by 2016.

Along with Malaysia, the technology giant will open (rebranded) stores in Brazil and Australia in the near future and the latter would house the most number of Microsoft Priority Reseller stores outside of the US.