Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr posted "behind the scenes" photos of a black-and-white photo shoot on her Twitter account. The photos showed the stunning model in a spotted bra

"Thank u @frankiefoye @annamariemakeup @ingefonteyne for one of my fav behind the scene pics! Luv u," Kerr tweeted. The Daily Mail, in a mention of the shoot, described Kerr as wearing long hair tousled over one shoulder and sporting a rather smoky make-up style. Become Gorgeous had their own take: Kerr flaunting her rocking body in a series of sizzling poses and postures but also quickly proving her amazing flexibility.

Meanwhile, the Victoria's Secret model has revealed she sings... and that she has recorded songs!

"I have recorded a couple of songs, actually, that no one knows about. You probably won't hear them but I love to sing! I'm doing so much at the moment, modelling obviously, I have Kora Organics, my books, and my family, so I have quite a lot to focus on for the time being," Miranda told SMH, denying she planned to release an album in the near future.

She was also in the news for her promotion of the 2012 Reebok Easy Tone campaign, which has gone well.

"I like their approach to women's fitness, they make products that look great and fit great on a woman's body and they really work. I've been wearing EasyTone for a while so it was a perfect fit!" Kerr said.

Finally, in response to questions concerning her own health and fitness secrets, Kerr explained she was not fussy about diets and preferred a more common sense approach.

"I keep in shape by eating healthily and working out, no special secret. With food, I am good 80 per cent of the time and treat myself 20 per cent of the time. I work out, do yoga....," Kerr revealed.