Victoria's Secret star and Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr has posed, rather provocatively, for the inside of the July edition of Vogue UK.

The model, who is mother to son Flynn (with Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom) was shot in various sexy outfits and, on one occasion, with her son on her hips while wearing a long lacy dress. Through it all, she explained that the secret of her on-ramp success was positive thinking.

"You just have to enjoy the music and have fun. You can't be like 'Oh my God, I can't believe my a**e is jiggling' you have to be like 'I'm really great'," Kerr said, indicating it was her grandmother who was the inspiration for staying in shape.

"She was like 'Now love, don't let yourself go, men are very visual and I think it's important you wake up in the morning and get yourself together, don't slop around the house all day in your pajamas,'" Kerr remembered her grandmother telling her.

"Men have been really visible as well as we consider it's critical which we arise up in the sunrise as well as get yourself together. Don't spill around the residence all day in your pajamas. It's true! They discuss it you, 'It doesn't have the difference what we wear or what we demeanour like, we adore we anyway,' though they notice when we have the small bid for them," Kerr added.

The editorial was shot in Sydney by Will Davidson, who later admitted it had been one of the more difficult ones he has done, as it "rained all week, bar 20 minutes of sunshine."

Meanwhile, Kerr continues to amaze the world by keeping shape despite age and pregnancy, not to mention the related stress that childbearing brings.

"Working around 16 to 17 hours, we need to know how to take caring of yourself or you'll tumble off the wagon. We know it's clichéd though we feel illness is wealth," she told Vogue UK, adding, "I was propitious for the whilst there, we only did yoga. Now I'm sportive the total lot more, though it's for my job. It is the lot of work!"

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