Southern Russia mysterious UFO flash light
A still from the YouTube video showing the mysterious spark over southern Russia YouTube

A mysterious, huge bright blue flash over the night sky in southern Russia has sparked UFO sighting rumours.

The incident occurred near Stavropol, a city in southern Russia where a noiseless white and blue flash, illuminated the night sky for a few seconds, before mysteriously disappearing.

The entire event was captured on video from the dash cam mounted in a car and has gone viral since it was uploaded on the internet.

Experts remain clueless about the light as weather reports did not predict and any storm, nor did any of the locals hear any crash or loud bang.

"It wasn't a meteorological event. There wasn't a storm. More likely it is something made by a human being," Natalya Klimenko, an analyst at the Stavropol Meteorological centre told ABC News.

The eerie light caused flickering lights in surrounding areas, instilling fear in the minds of the residents.

According to the website, the flash caused flickering lights and affected streetlamps in the city, scaring people living in its vicinity.

However, UFO-ologist Sergei Pakhamov, told the local state TV: "It's a kind of photo-flash, they were photographing the city."

Nonetheless, the entire incident led to numerous conspiracy theories, including that of a UFO or meteor crash.

Some people opined that the flash could be a meteor crash. A YouTube user claimed: "I would go for meteor like the one last time but it wasn't as big or near to the ground to shatter windows instead it just knocks off a power grid."

Some experts believe that the bright flash may have been linked to the recent occurrences of aurora borealis or Northern Lights that appeared over Moscow.

Check out the video below.