Huge moon sized UFO spotted lurking on sun's surface
A screenshot of the ship shaped UFO lurking on the sun's surface UFO Sightings Daily

Nasa Helioviewer has recently released some pictures of the sun's surface which has excited UFO enthusiasts as they claim they have spotted a huge moon-sized object sailing across.

The gigantic UFO has been described as a 'tall ship,' the size of Earth's moon but only half its thickness.

UFO hunter Scott Waring spotted the object through Helioviewer, a Nasa funded website that visualises solar and heliospheric data.

According to Waring, the object is a ship as it is "thinner in its centre and thicker at its top and lower end."

"While using the Helioviewer I found an object on the sun that looks like a tall ship. This UFO is about the length of the moon yet only half its thickness. There is an Earth photo in the lower left corner to compare. This is a ship. Its thinner in its center and thicker at its top and lower end. Its a perfect rectangle shape," the UFO enthusiast wrote on his website.

He also claims that Russian scientists had spotted similar moon-sized UFOs years ago which can make sudden changes in direction and speed.

Seeking to prove his theory that unidentified objects do roam around the sun which is 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit hot, Waring wrote: "I finally got the next photo of the object and it was gone! The surroundings looked the same, but the UFO had vanished."

A majority of people will doubt if an alien ship can fly across the sun which is as hot as 28 million degrees at its core. However, there are quite a few who think aliens are millions of years advanced than people on Earth, and so perhaps, use a very efficient hull cooling system, the Inquisitr reports.