TOWIE star Lauren Goodger is apparently rather fond of showing off her body, even if she claims to be insecure about it!

The star has posed almost naked (except for body paint) for a photo to show support for animal rights' group, PETA.

According to Entertainment Wise, Goodger unveiled her photo at London's Covent Garden. At the unveiling, she opted for a cute patterned grey dress with a cream blazer that showed off her Miami tan perfectly.

"When PETA approached me to work with them to help raise awareness about the suffering of snakes and other animals for fashion, I jumped at the chance.I hadn't realised how inhumanely these animals are killed for fur, leather, skin etc. so I think it's really important to raise awareness of this for other people who, like me, don't realise the true severity of the situation. Every bag, belt, or shoe made from exotic skins comes with a high price - and it's paid by the animals who are cruelly killed for products no one needs," she told Drum.

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Incidentally, the photo shoot comes almost immediately after the reality television star claimed photos of her holidaying with co-star Frankie Essex in Miami were "horrific".