Move over One Direction, there's a new boyband in town!

The Vamps - a quartet made up of Bradley, Connor, Tristan and James - are being tipped as the UK's next boyband sensation and they owe it all to YouTube.

The Midlands-based group relied on social networking sites to gain recognition before being signed by record label Virgin EMI late last year. With the support of their army of fans, which includes over 250,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel, they are taking the country by storm.

Speaking exclusively to IBTimes UK at the Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes in London, the group revealed that while X Factor catapulted One Direction to fame and Britain's' Got Talent helped the Loveable Rogues become a household name , YouTube was the ideal platform for their organic sound.

Reality Shows vs YouTube

"For us we were adamant that we play instruments and write our own material," said 19-year-old guitarist James McVey.

"Those TV shows are good for certain kinds of bands - and we like those kind of bands - but I think for us we wanted to do it in an organic way, you know, by ourselves. So we probably wouldn't have done that."

Without even releasing a single, the lads have already made a name for themselves with acoustic covers from artists such as Justin Bieber, Lawson and Taylor Swift.

And the band is planning to offer just as much variety in their debut album, which the boys say will have a bit of everything when it hits stores early next year.

Lead singer Bradley,18, says: "Acoustic-driven pop is the best way to describe it."

Boyband Rivalries

They recently supported McFly on their Memory Lane Tour and have just been announced as Selena Gomez's support act.

But if you are expecting their new-found celebrity status to turn them into overnight divas you will have a long wait. The lads are determined to stay grounded and faithful to their fans and will not be getting into any twitter feuds any time soon.

"We don't look at any other bands as competition. We are really good friends with Lawson and Union J and our fans bases cross over," Bradley says.

"There is a massive music industry [and] there is space for loads of different bands, so it is not a competition."

Tristan adds: "If they don't want to get on with us that's fine but we want to be open-minded and get on with people. We are not those types of guys."

The boys say they hope to emulate the success of some of their biggest influences which include Taylor Swift, All Time Low, Foo fighters and Blink 182.

"It would be incredible to travel around the world to play our own shows," James says. "But we would still like to be writing our own music and hopefully on the fourth album."

They may have scores of Vampents (as their female fans are affectionally known), but The Vamps don't have plans to settle down any time soon.

Bradley laughs. "We are playing the field. Single and mingling," he says. "We have been in relationships but not right now."

The Vamps' first single, Can We Dance, is scheduled for release on 29 September.