Joe Gordon has become one of the youngest-ever bank bosses after clinching the managerial top spot at HSBC's online bank First Direct at the age of 33.

The new 'head of First Direct' rose through the ranks after working for just 24 months in banking at sister company HSBC, according to a BBC report.

Speaking about his previous experience at the likes of Sainsburys and BT, Gordon said that his background in customer service was essential to him obtaining the role.

"I've worked in customer service since day one," said Gordon. "Ultimately what we're trying to achieve is great customer service. So if somebody comes in who can deliver customer service, I think that's a bit of credibility for me."

Gordon's formative trials in the grocery section of Sainsbury's were said to have shaped his managerial skills and customer-focused strategy.

"Some well-to-do women educated me on the difference between chicory and endive. That's where I first got involved in customer service. And that's where I first started to think: how do you improve things, how do you make it better for people?"

Unlike most major banks, which have UK offices in London's Canary Wharf, First Direct's headquarters, with its 2,900 employees, is located in Leeds.

First Direct, a division of HSBC, became the first telephone based bank in the UK to operate without a branch system.

In spite of being a five-time winner at the British Bank Awards in 2016, the company is facing stiff competition for a share of its 1.25 million customers.

Internet-only banks such as Metro and Starling are progressing in a market calling for innovative banking methods.

The likes of London-based company Monzo have rolled out a series of beta prepaid contactless banking cards to track spending in real time. The company operates under a restricted banking licence and hopes to open up a full current account service in early 2017.