Ethan Riozzi-Bodine captures getting struck by lightning with his phone Youtube/Ethan Riozzi-Bodine

A teenage New Jersey lifeguard was stuck by lightning just as he was filming the bolt with his smartphone.

Ethan Riozzi-Bodine, 16, heard a whump, and the "whole ground just vibrated and it went up through my feet, up through my body, through my chest and out through my arms," he said.

"You can actually hear me in the video; I'm like 'argh!'" Riozzi-Bodine recalled.

Riozzi-Bodine's mother, Elaine, rushed him to a local emergency room after watching the video. He was apparently uninjured, though doctors said his system was full of the enzyme creatine frequently found in heart attack victims.

"They could not believe that he walked away from this, that he did not have any significant injuries," said his mother.

The drama began during s rain storm as he was riding his bike home from work on Bradley Beach. His bike chain popped off and when he stopped to fix it, he spotted the lightning storm over the water, reported ABC 7 News.

He pulled out his smartphone to film the incident.. "I just wanted to get like a cool lightning shot over the ocean and I got it a lot closer to me than I wanted," he said.

He filmed one bolt amid a powerful crack of thunder, then he felt a thump as a second lightning strike hit the ground in front of him and shuddered through the earth to where hecwas standing. His video of the incident suddenly tilts as he is heard saying "Oooooh."

Experts believe he was saved by the rubber handles on his bike and the rubber tires, which helped block the full impact of the electrical current running through him.

"You always think, 'I'm invincible. I'm 16.' You think that's never going to happen," said Riozzi-Bodine.

"Now that's it's over I can say that it was cool, but during the whole process of it happening it was not cool at all."