Days after One Direction star Louis Tomlinson confirmed that he is set to become a father, the Los Angeles stylist expecting his child has showed off her growing baby bump. Mother-to-be Briana Jungwirth, 23, proudly displayed her lower stomach in a high-cut white T-shirt as she ran errands on 5 August.

The 23-year-old was pictured leaving a passport office in the Oxnard area of LA with her mother Tammi Clark adding weight to rumours that she plans to divide her time between LA and the UK when the baby arrives in the New Year.

"It may have been an unplanned pregnancy but Louis will be there for Briana and the child, and that may mean they need to travel around to be with him," an insider told the Daily Mirror. "A passport is essential for Briana so she can also fly to the UK in the coming months too to spend time with Louis and his family as they plan the future.

Tomlinson finally addressed the baby rumours during One Direction's appearance on Good Morning America on 4 August after host Michael Strahan managed to tease the details out of the 23-year-old by offering his congratulations.

Strahan asked: "Louis, from one father to another, I want to congratulate you on your upcoming fatherhood. So, how are you feeling?" Tomlinson replied: "Obviously it's a really exciting time, so I'm buzzing, thank you."

Earlier in August, Tomlinson's bandmate Liam Payne addressed the news publicly for the first time, telling Magic radio: "Well obviously I was a bit shocked but he's taken super well to it. And he's very excited with what's going on with him at the moment and I feel that stuff like that happens sometimes... he's taking it very seriously."

Both Tomlinson and Jungwirth's families are said to have taken the baby news well with his mother even reportedly attending the first ultrasound scan. "Johannah is bursting with pride of having her first grandchild and doesn't want to miss a single moment, which will be quite difficult given the trans-Atlantic distance between where the two families live," a close friend previously told the Daily Mail.