The OnePlus 7T just had a launch last month, but it seems that the company is gearing up its next device in line, the OnePlus 8. The device may not launch before more than six months, yet the leaks concerning the device have started.

According to a new leak, the device has now been spotted in its form on the Chinese social media site Weibo, which means that the device is ready for at least the initial testing if these images are to be believed.

Images of other devices have been seen in the past, but the manufacturer's mark is generally hidden in these images. However, these particular images clearly mark out that it is a OnePlus phone.

The display, it seems maybe is a 120 Hz curved display that has been rumoured for the device. The device also shows other features. It has a double punch hole for the front camera, which indicates that the device may have a dual camera in the front. There is also a camera bumped that is slightly lifted, indicating that there may be some more innovation with the camera.

There is also a 5G logo at the back, which indicates that OnePlus 8 will be a 5G capable phone.

There is no chin on the device, indicating that it will be an end-to-end display.

It seems that OnePlus is not following the usual trend – it is still not junking the 3.5mm audio jack.

Like every new iteration of its devices, OnePlus endowed the device with a new colour, which seems to be a mix of grey and mauve. Like previous devices, OnePlus 8 is expected to have USB-charging capable. Whether the company will offer a new fast-charging capability on the device is not yet known. In the past, it has provided the dash charging and warp charging capabilities.