Over 200 people have been killed by the devastating Typhoon Bopha in two regions of the Philippines' with hundreds more reported missing and thousands more homeless according to a local government statement.

This sign laid across a body says simply Kriz Laurence 4 year old male.

A bruised survivor Julius Rebucas seen here being carried on the back of his cousin unable to walk, is asked by a reporter, when he last saw his family following their evacuation from Compostela Valley . He replied I last saw them on a platform; the last thing my mother said was I love you

This woman who lost her mother explained how they were taken unawares. She said

"We didn't think the winds would get that strong. The floods were rushing towards us. We didn't imagine it would turn out that way, so we didn't come here to evacuate," the woman said.

Typhoon Bopha comes a year after Typhoon Washi killed more than 1,300 people in the southern Philippines. And it is believed the warning and evacuation procedures, set up in light of that, have helped protect against greater loss of life.

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