Premier cruise line P&O have announced their intention to provide cruise holidays to the enchanting and unique travel destination of Papua New Guinea.

With two brand new itineraries for cruising customers to choose from, this remote region offers an incredible array of breath-taking scenery along with a fascinating mix of vibrant cultures that range across literally thousands of islands and atolls. P&O's Pacific Dawn will set sail from Australia's urbane city of Brisbane before whisking passengers off to Milne Bay. One itinerary for the new cruises features a shore excursion to the local capital of Alotau, not to mention the immaculate white-sandy beaches of Doini Island.

With the maiden voyage due to take place in October 2013, passengers will be able to experience the destination during the throes of a cultural extravaganza. The journey's timing has been designed to coincide with the Alotau Canoe and Kundu festival which is described by all who see it as a stunning spectacle for all the senses!

Members of local communities will gather to present energetic traditional dances and musical displays (prominently featuring the kundu drum) while wearing a panoply of colourful costumes and headdresses. After this, the festivities begin in earnest with the main feature of the event: the canoe races. Island communities will build and decorate spectacular canoes and then compete with their neighbours for the honour of becoming the annual champions.

It is this eclectic and vibrant cultural diversity that makes Papua New Guinea such a fascinating holiday destination that is sure to charm its guests and have them eager to return for a stay that's longer than a cruise shore excursion. Ann Sherry, chief executive of Carnival Cruises Australia, which operates P&O, said:

"Papua New Guinea is one of the most remote and untouched corners of the world - it's so close to Australia geographically, but a million miles away in terms of culture and scenery."

Doubtlessly, cruise passengers who want a taste of something unique but with all the comforts and amenities of an inviting cruise ship will want to consider making Papua New Guinea their next grand adventure.

P&O Cruises have recently expanded their operations in the Australian and south-east Asian regions. Departing from Sydney and Brisbane, there are no fewer than 22 wholly unique cruise itineraries on offer, including the new Papua New Guinea cruises. Hong Kong remains an extremely popular destination for its quintessential fusion of eastern and western cultures, culminating in exquisite dining, modern and urbane inner-city nightlife and a spectacular skyscraper cityscape that truly comes alive at night.

Image Source: http://www.freefoto.com/preview/2026-14-2/Cruise-Liner-Aurora--Southampton