Don't skip the ads for the 2012 Superbowl this Sunday... they should be as interesting as the sight of the New England Patriots and the New York Giants slugging it out!

The particularly interesting piece of news with regard to the weekend's mega-event is the Pizza Hut ad. The video will feature David Johnson, a switchboard operator for the Department of Defense, rapping about his love for the Hut.

Johnson won a contest asking people to come up with a catchy new jingle for the brand... Johnson produced a 30-second rap song praising the Hut's delivery time and service.

It gets better.

Pizza Hut then flew him first-class to Santa Monica, California, to record it over a track built from vintage Pizza Hut spots.

"It was my first time flying," the Southeast resident was quoted as saying in a Washington Post report, "They flew me first class. They spoiled me. I'll never be able to fly coach now because of Pizza Hut!"

Check Out the Rap Video...