Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton
Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton have reportedly went on their first date Reuters

Months after they were spotting sharing a joke at the royal wedding, Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton have reportedly been on their first date.

The couple are said to have opted for a casual pub dinner in a bid to keep their budding romance low key.

A source told Grazia magazine: "Harry deliberately kept the whole thing very low key - it was just about the two of them getting the chance to catch up properly,"

There has been widespread rumours that the young prince and Pippa, known as "Her Royal Hotness", first started getting close after she stepped out in "that dress" at Kate and Prince William's nuptials in April 2011.

"He's always fancied Pippa rotten, but over time the attraction has definitely grown. She's not quite sure what to make of it, in all honesty. She likes Harry enormously but finds it hard to believe that men like her for herself - even him," the source explained.

According to another Royal insider, Harry, who previously dated Chelsy Davy, wanted to avoid dating the 28-year-old socialite straight after the wedding because of all the media attention surrounding them.

Their date at an English country pub comes as the pair continue to bond over their shared sense of humour and their love of partying.

"The fact that he let the dust settle before making his move is a positive thing. Kate and William's wedding was such an unreal time, any decisions made back then would be pretty questionable. Harry has shown a level of maturity that people don't realise he possesses," the source said.