Sony has released a teaser trailer offering the first glimpses of the PlayStation 4 console itself, which is now set to be revealed in full ahead of this year's E3.

Sony provides first glimpse at PS4
People attend the PlayStation 4 launch event in New York, February 20, 2013. (Credit: Reuters)

Though spiritually launched at an event in New York in February, where Sony shared the vision and ideas for its next console, the PS4 itself remains unseen. This new trailer offers a few split-second glances of the outer casing and ports of the new console, as well as revealing that it will be officially unveiled on 10 June, a day before E3 opens in Los Angeles.

The trailer comes just a day before the next Xbox, widely known as Xbox 720 or Xbox Infinity is officially revealed by Microsoft. An event scheduled for 6PM GMT on 21 May is being held at the company's development campus in Redmond, Washington where, unlike Sony, Microsoft is expected to show off what its new console will look like.

Writing on Twitter just after the PlayStation 4 launch, Microsoft community manager Larry Hryb wrote: "Launch a console without actually showing the console? That's one approach."

Choosing not to reveal the console, Sony instead used its launch event to promote games that were coming to the PS4, and which game developers were already working with the new console. Though it's not known exactly what Microsoft will unveil on 21 May, speculation has arisen that the new Xbox may use an updated version of the Kinect motion controller, include voice recognition and need to be always connected to the internet in order to function.

Both consoles are expected to launch in the UK before Christmas though no word has been given yet on potential price points.

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