2011 was not a good year for the tourism industry due to the happenings like the Arab Spring, London riots and the killer earthquake tsunami in Japan. However, there is high expectation that 2012 will give a fresh boost to the tourism industry.

Online comparison firm TravelSupermarket.com surveyed over 5,000 people to find out where they holidayed in 2011 and where they will be holidaying in 2012.

Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain (PIIGS)

According to the survey, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain (PIIGS) are the most preferred destinations for the British holidaymakers.

TravelSupermarket trade pundits believe 2012 would be a good year for PIIGS. Even though these countries are struggling to recover from Euro debt crisis, yet they are offering good deals on hotels, dinning and shopping, according to the Mirror.

Spain has always been the popular destination for the British tourists thanks to extensive promotional campaigns by the hoteliers in the country. Portugal, which is struggling with the economy, cut down the rates and this could encourage the tourists.

The survey showed that 11 percent of the people are planning holidays in Spain, 3 percent in Italy, and 2 percent in Portugal.

TravelSupermarket's holiday expert Bob Atkinson's analysis of the survey states, "Brits like to stay with tried and trusted favourites so the PIIGS will continue to win us back in 2012 on both price and as somewhere it is perceived we can travel risk-free. Once Brits see the great offers available, they'll be flocking to these ever-popular countries. It's pleasing to see the pound at nearly €1.20."

Morocco, Egypt, Turkey and Tunisia (METT)

The TravelSupermarket predicted an increase in affordable, all-inclusive packages to Turkey in 2011. This has proved true, as 3 percent Brits went there in the year, and 2 percent are set to go this year 2012.

Morocco was expected to have a good business in 2011, but was affected by Arab Spring. Egypt was also hit by Arab Spring.

However, TravelSupermarket analysis says that the Arab Spring will continue to affect the tourism sector in METT in 2012.

However, a possibility of good deals on travel to these locations may come up, mainly on a last-minute basis. But tourists may be unwilling to holidaying in these countries even though the hotel rates are affordable. Turkish inflation will increase the hotels cost, and package prices will usually be expensive.

According to the Bob's analysis, "Any heavy focus on news events in any of the METT countries will have some impact on consumer demand to those destinations as the perception of holidaymakers IS influenced by media coverage."

"With Egypt, we need to remember that the Red Sea areas, and in particular the Sharm El Sheikh region, are a long way from the major population centres."

"Turkey's issues are its rising inflation, which affects how much you'll spend on things like eating out. It will remain a firm favourite for those on all-inclusive holidays, but expect a drop in self-catering breaks as Greece, Spain and Portugal will offer a far better bet," the analysis said.

Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Mexico, Malaysia, Argentina (SLIMMA)

SLIMMA is expected to have a good tourism in 2012. These countries were already at the 2012's hot tips World Travel Market in London in November, mainly due to the air service expansion, social stability and general advancement in tourism.

Bob's analysis says, "This year the SLIMMAs slipped under the radar, and were not hotly tipped. Our poll has shown that none of these destinations received more than 1% of British tourists this year - but I'd keep an eye on them as these could be the surprise winners of 2012."

"While those with some cash to flash may well book and enjoy these fabulous destinations, it will take a few years for numbers to build. Except for Mexico, where the Caribbean coast already is a hot favourite due to the well developed resort areas around Cancun."