The WWE Universe has been divided over whether The Undertaker has really retired from the WWE ever since the Deadman left his gear – long coat, MMA-style gloves and hat – in the middle of the ring following his defeat at the hands of Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33 in April.

The gesture was taken by some fans to be Phenom's way of saying he is done with his two decade-long wrestling career, while others are of the opinion that the superstar in reality has not retired but is just taking a break from the ring. Present and former WWE stars have weighed in on the topic and they too are a divided lot.

Now, a new report from CageSideSeats claims that The Undertaker might not have retired as previously thought with his dramatic exit from the ring following his fight with The Big Dog. However, there are no plans for The Undertaker to wrestle again, the report said.

The Undertaker's return to the ring as a wrestler is highly unlikely given the injuries he has sustained over the years coupled with his age — he is 52. However, he could return in a non-wresting capacity the same way as Kurt Angle, who is the current general manager of Monday Night Raw.

The Undertaker recently underwent a long-overdue surgery to rehabilitate his hip and is currently recovering.

While fans have been intensely speculating about the wrestler's return, the federation, the wrestler himself and his family have remained tight-lipped about the locker room leader's status.

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