John Bradshaw Layfield aka JBL was allegedly a backstage bully, but one incident changed him, according to former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts. He has said that JBL changed after getting punched backstage by former WWE announcer Joey Styles.

Recently, in an interview with Ring Rust Radio, Roberts was asked about his thoughts on veteran combat sports commentator Mauro Ranallo leaving the WWE and accusations of bullying against JBL.

Ranallo quit the company in late April. At the time, multiple reports claimed that the WWE SmackDown Live host leaving the company was due to the alleged bullying by JBL.

Roberts recently released his book titled Best Seat in the House: Your Backstage Pass Through My WWE Journey, and many reporters are using stories from the book as source material in the case against JBL.

So, when he was asked about JBL-Ranallo issue he said, "A lot of people asked me about it and I said I don't know Mauro. I don't know him at all and we never once talked. I don't know his situation. All I know is the experiences that I've had which I clearly stated were in 2003 when that was happening with JBL."

However, Ranallo has denied all the talks surrounding him and JBL. "WWE and I have mutually agreed to part ways. It has nothing to do with JBL," he said.

Roberts then goes on to reveal how JBL changed after the incident with Styles.

"Case in point, after the incident with Joey Styles when he stood up to him and punched him, he basically disappeared shortly after that," he said as transcribed by Wrestling Inc.

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"When he came back, he was a much different person. That stuff wasn't going on and the locker room had changed completely. So, when he came back it was a different world with different guys and a different mentality."

"The guys who were around in the early 2000s knew what happened and later on I don't know what happened with Mauro."

"So I can't say anything about that, but I did say when people asked me if he should be fired and I would say no. It's not just something with JBL; it's a mentality in the company."

"They like to ride people and I don't know if that had anything to do with Mauro because again, I don't know anything about his situation for sure, just the accusations that we have heard that are going around."