Rihanna and ex-boyfriend Chris Brown have been caught on camera sharing a kiss and embracing at the MTV Video Music Awards.

The intimate moment was captured by one of MTV.com's All Access Live cameras.

In the 30-second clip posted on YouTube, Rihanna is being escorted back to her seat after accepting the Video of the Year award for We Found Love. As she passes Brown, he catches her eye and she walks over to greet him. They share a quick peck on the cheek and a hug, before the Umbrella songstress hugs Bu Thiam (Akon's brother), VP of A&R at her label, Def Jam.

As she walks away, she playfully pats Brown's bleach-blond hair.

The clip and snaps posted online have got the internet buzzing and reignited rumours that the former couple, who split in February 2009 after he assaulted her, may be getting back together.

Their public show of intimatacy comes just weeks after the 24-year-old star admitted to still having feelings for Brown.

She told Oprah Winfrey: "We went to a mutual friend's party on a yacht. It's awkward because I still love him."

Describing him as her first love she insisted that her he still gives her butterflies when she sees him.

"My stomach drops and I have to maintain this poker face and not let it get to the outer part of me," she said.

''I have to maintain that and suppress it and interpret that and understand that is not going to go away."

Fans are divided on the kiss.

While some supported their open show of closeness, others were outraged by RiRi's decision to maintain a friendship with the man that attacked her.

One viewer said: "Happy for Chris, man, true sign of redemption and forgiveness ...at least it still exists."

Another said: "Not surprise, SMH Rihanna is a dumb a** broad."