The Olympics will kick off in Rio de Janeiro this week with the opening ceremony, which will launch the first Games to take place in Brazil - and South America. As we await the sporting action, here are the key figures you need to know.

206: Countries will participate in this year's games.

42: Different sports will be included.

10,500: Athletes will participate in total.

42: Condoms will be handed out per athlete.

306: Events taking place during the Olympiad.

7.5 million: Tickets went on sale.

112: Years since golf was included in the Games.

1 million: Items of sports equipment were purchased for the Games.

3,604: Apartments in the Rio Olympic Village.

555: Athletes make up the United States Olympic team.

366: Athletes make up Team GB.

10: Athletes who make up the first ever refugee team to compete in an Olympic Games.

12,000: Olympic torchbearers will carry the Olympic flame.

20,000: Kilometres travelled by the Olympic flame by road.

3.6 billion: People are expected to watch the Games.

Olympic Games
The sun sets behind the Olympic rings in Olympic Park ahead of the Rio 2016 Games Chris McGrath/Getty Images