Rita Ora birthday
Rita Ora talked about the breakdown of a relationship which was difficult for her REUTERS/L.E. Baskow

Rita Ora has revealed it was difficult to move on after a messy split. The 25-year-old X-Factor judge said she was affected so much by the break up that her close ones could not even recognise her.

Ora had previously revealed that she "wanted to crawl into bed and die" after parting ways with Scottish singer/DJ Calvin Harris. During an interview with Elle Canada, Ora talked about her track Poison being a break-up song.

She said: "There was a time when my friends were actually like 'We don't recognize you anymore.' I was constantly worried about this guy; even while on the road, I would think 'Oh, my God, what is he doing? Let me fly him out.' So, for me, 'Poison' is a really relevant video because it shows a form of honesty."

"For a while, I was making music that was just not me," she continued. "Even my mom was asking 'Are you okay'?"

In June 2014, Harris confirmed that the two had split up on Twitter. He tweeted: "To address speculation - myself and Rita ended our relationship some time ago. She is a beautiful, talented woman & I wish her all the best."

Ora also took to her account to address the reports. She wrote: "I don't usually address speculation but I've had an incredible time w Calvin,& i will treasure the memories."

Harris has moved on in his love life and is dating American singer/songwriter Taylor Swift. He publicly gushed about the Bad Blood hitmaker on radio show Manchester's Key 103.

He said: "It's not even a case of ticking all the boxes, there's boxes that I didn't even know existed she ticks. It's really ridiculous but, yeah, she does an incredible barbeque and she's generally an incredible cook and human being. It's a mixture, we both cook, I love to cook, too. Ever since I started doing the healthy food thing in LA I really like to cook."