Google Chromecast
Root method available for Google Chromecast.

Root exploit is now available for Google's new Chromecast streaming dongle.

Team-Eureka, GTVhacker and failOverflow from the XDA developer forum recently announced that they have discovered and exploited a new vulnerability in Chromecast. The exploit roots the current software build, 17977 running Chromecast, reports XDA.

"We're happy to announce that fail0verflow, GTVHacker, and Team-Eureka have jointly discovered and exploited a new vulnerability in the Chromecast which allows root access on the current software build (17977) as well as new in box devices."

Note that in order to get the root access, users need some hardware such as Teensy 2 or Teensy2++, loader app to programme the device, flash drive and a powered USB OTG cable. Head over to the development thread to know more about the root method.

Those who wish to root their Chromecast may follow the guide below.

IBTimes UK reminds its readers that it will not be held liable for any damage to the device.



Teensy 2 or, Teensy 2++

Teensy Loader

1GB+ Flashdrive

The files included in the zip


How to root Google Chromecast

Step-1: Install the appropriate Teensy Root Package on your device

  • If New In Box device, use 12940 or 16664
  • Use plusplus_*.hex for 2++ model, regular_*.hex for 2 model

Step-2: Install the Flashcast Image to the 1G+ Flashdrive, using Win32DiskImager or dd

Step-3: Plug in the Teensy to a USB OTG cable and plug it into the Chromecast while holding the reset button

  • The Teensy light should start flashing. In case this does not happen, try the process again. After 30 seconds, the Teensy light should turn orange and the Chromecast LED should turn white

Step-4: Unplug the Teensy, then plug in the flashdrive, loaded with Flashcast into the OTG cable. Now press the Chromecast button again

  • If you used the 12940 image, the LED should turn white whereas for the 16664 image, the LED should become dim red

Step-5: After five minutes, the Chromecast should reboot and the device should also reboot

Troubleshoot issues

If you are using a USB hub with an OTG and it is not working: Note that this root method requires a powered OTG cable and will not work over a USB hub. As the Teensy needs to be connected to the Chromecast to work and cannot go over a USB hub.

How to know if the root is running: If the Chromecast is plugged into a TV, a Flashcast message saying the device is being rooted. In case the message does not appear, unplug the Chromecast and try again.