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Days after a Russian rapper was fined and jailed for wearing nothing but a sock to a party, another performer has been detained for pulling off a similar stunt. Russian singer Maxim Tesli appeared on stage during a concert wearing nothing but a sock on his genitals.

Tesli, who is the frontman of a band called Shchenki (The Puppies), was arrested at a St. Petersburg airport, per The Independent. He has been charged with petty hooliganism. The singer was reportedly trying to flee the country when he was arrested.

Last week, authorities in Russia arrested rapper Vacio for attending an "almost naked" themed party in Russia wearing a sock that covered only his genitals.

The rapper was sentenced to 15 days in prison and fined for hooliganism and spreading "LGBTQ+ propaganda." He has even been summoned to enlist in the Russian army since the country is still at war with Ukraine.

The party created quite a scandal in Russia, with celebrities who attended it issuing apologies through their social media accounts.

It was organised by a Russian TV presenter and actress, Anastasia Ivleeva, in Moscow in late December. Ivleeva initially defended the event but later posted two videos on social media apologising for organising it.

"I would like to ask you, the people, for a second chance... If the answer is no, then I'm ready for my public execution," she said in one of the videos.

"They say that Russia can forgive. If this is true, I would very much like to ask for a second chance from you, from the Russian people," she added in her second video.

Apart from the social media backlash, Ivleeva is also facing a lawsuit. The lawsuit has demanded that she pay a billion rubles to a charity supporting the war against Ukraine.

The other celebrities who attended the party included Russia's pop king Filipp Kirkorov, Ksenia Sobchak, the daughter of Vladimir Putin's mentor, and singer Dima Bilan. It remains to be seen if the Russian authorities take action against all the people who attended the party.

Meanwhile, several of the celebrity attendees have claimed that their concerts have been cancelled and they have lost sponsorships. Kirkorov, who was pictured wearing a see-through outfit, has also issued an apology and asked for forgiveness.

"In today's difficult and heroic times, an artist of my calibre ... cannot and should not be so irresponsible when participating in various events," he said.

Russian social media users have also called for action against the people involved in the scandal.