Ryback, who quit the WWE in August 2016 after a contract dispute, has claimed that Vince McMahon lied to him and forced him to drop a major lawsuit when he was about to undergo a third surgery on his injured ankle in 2011.

Speaking on a recent episode of Conversation With The Big Guy, the former WWE superstar said that Vince told him he was "never going to give up" on him as the WWE did not have anyone like him.

"This was another moment I'll never forget of him [McMahon] lying to me was at Extreme Rules, the one where Kharma debuted at in Tampa, Florida [May 1, 2011], back however many years ago," Ryback said.

"He goes, 'we're going to get through this together.' He goes, 'I don't have anybody like you. You're going to make me a lot of money.' He goes, 'you know how to get over,' and he goes, 'that's something that not everybody knows'," he added. (Via Inquisitr)

"And he goes, 'I'm going to allow you to make me a lot of money and I'm never going to give up on you,' were his exact words. And then, they gave up on me."

Ryback noted that he was about to pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit over a bad ankle surgery, but had to drop it as he was told his push in the company would not happen if he did so.

"...she [former WWE Vice President of Talent Operations Jane Geddes], tells me, 'Ryan, this phone call is off the record' and I go, 'okay' and she goes, 'do you want your standing in this company to remain good? Do you want your push to continue?' was essentially what she told me. And I said, 'yes, of course, why wouldn't it?' She goes, 'we need you to drop the lawsuit against Dr Herscovici immediately.' And so, this was a multimillion dollar lawsuit, not against the WWE."

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