The WWE does not want to create marquee stars like John Cena, Triple H is believed to have told Ryback. This comes after The Big Guy previously said he was to become a big heel after running over the current WWE World champion AJ Styles, which did not materialise.

Speaking on the latest episode of Conversations With The Big Guy, the former WWE superstar said the conversation he had with Hunter, whose real name is Paul Michael Levesque, took place while negotiating his first deal with the WWE. Ryback, who quit the WWE in August this year, also said the entertainment company does not want upcoming superstars to have too much power and towards that end talents are booked in such a way that they never reach the top.

"Hunter [has] told me directly [that WWE does not want young talent to have economic freedom]. He goes, 'we never want another marquee name here in the WWE.' This was during my first contract negotiations Yeah, legit told me, he goes, 'we're never going to have another John Cena.' And if you look, that's why they book guys the way they book them. They don't want guys to have too much power anymore," Ryback said. (Via IWNerd)

On the previous episode of Conversations With The Big Guy, Ryback had blamed John Cena for destroying The Nexus, which comprised of Wade Barrett, Daniel Bryan, Heath Slater, Ryback, Michael Tarver, Darren Young, David Otunga and Justin Gabriel.

"It [The Nexus] was not used properly mainly because of John Cena. F*****g marks, that's your headline for the F*****g week. And it's a fact across the board. Everybody knows it and he did not want that to go any further than what it was going to go passed because it was working, because it was eight guys getting over naturally. That's why. God forbid guys get over naturally," Ryback said. (Via Wrestling Inc)

"That's what happens when you get a noncompetitive athlete in the top position who's not used to competing in real life. That's what happens."

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