Two launch titles for the upcoming next generation Xbox, codenamed Xbox Durango, have been leaked.

Xbox Durango launch titles leaked
Ryse was originally revealed at E3 2011 and is now believed to be an Xbox Durango launch title. (Credit: CNET)

Sources familiar with Microsoft's Xbox plans have told The Verge that Ryse, a Kinect-enabled sword-fighting game and a new entry in the Forza racing series will both launch alongside the Durango, which is also known as the Xbox 720.

Though no information is available regarding the Forza title, a trailer for Ryse was originally shown at E3 in 2011, demonstrating how the game allows players to punch, kick and use swords via the motion sensitive Kinect controller. Although the trailer reveals that the game is being developed by Crytek, makers of the Crysis series, no other information has surfaced regarding Ryse until now.

The unnamed sources said that Ryse is planned to be the Durango's equivalent of Halo or Gears of War, enormous franchises exclusive to Microsoft which were both released to coincide with the Xbox's launch window.

Set amongst the Roman Empire, Ryse will utilise the improved Kinect controller, specifications of which were leaked in February, to allow players to use their feet to attack enemies. Design documents relating to the new Kinect also described how it would be able to track 25 skeletal joints as opposed to the current Kinect's 20, and would be included in the box with every Xbox Durango.

Regarding Forza, the sources only said that it would have "super life-like" graphics. However they did mention that two other titles, as yet unnamed, would also launch alongside the new Xbox: A zombie game and a family-friendly game with children's film-style graphics.

Microsoft-watcher Tom Warren was also told that these four games only make up a small section of the Durango's launch titles and that Microsoft has several third-party developers creating games for the upcoming console, particularly first-person shooters.

The anonymous sources also said that the Microsoft Points system would be scrapped, allowing users to purchase videos and downloadable games using real currency instead.

Microsoft blogger Paul Thurrott recently speculated that the Xbox Durango would be officially unveiled on 21 May.