Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy S3 Release: First 50 Owners Can Win Olympics tickets Samsung

The first 50 owners of Samsung Galaxy S3 will have a chance to win free tickets to Olympics, according to Android Central. Tech fans who pre-order the Samsung smartphone from Samsung's brand store at Westfield Stratford City in London will be able to grab their device on 29 May at 6pm. So, if you are among the first 50 customers to pre-order the Galaxy S3, you could be lucky enough to win the ticket. The Galaxy S3 is the official phone of the Olympics; it could be natural to see Samsung's promotion.

"Invites are being sent out for 5pm, with the first sales taking place an hours later at 6, assuming you've pre-ordered your S3," claims Android Central.

Users who pre-order before 6pm on 29 May will be able to lay their hands on the new smartphones and the pre-orders made after 6pm either in the store or online will be fulfilled from 30 May. The company has announced that its partner retailers can provide pre-orders at 7pm the same evening.

The device is set to be available on the various carriers in the UK which includes Vodafone, O2, Three and Orange. Vodafone will the first carrier in the UK to sell the Galaxy S3, offering internal storage variants of 16GB and 32GB.

O2, Three and Orange, on the other hand will sell the Galaxy S3 on 30 May. Orange offers £36 a month, Three for £34 a month and O2 will charge £41 each month.

After the spectacular performance of Galaxy S2, this time Samsung has taken the plunge in providing a more promising smartphone. Starting with the Smart Stay feature, a special technology of detecting the eye movement of the user is amazing, which lets the phone to stay awake when it will sense that a user is looking at it. Apart from it, the S Voice is another striking feature which allows the users to control their handset with their voice. It will have the ability to respond to spoken commands like "wake up" if the screen is turned off or "snooze" for an alarm.