Samsung Bixby
Samsung has intergrated Galaxy AI features with Bixby for Galaxy S24 users. Wikimedia Commons

Samsung has integrated Galaxy AI with Bixby, allowing users to access a slew of AI-powered features through Bixby voice commands.

Samsung unveiled Galaxy AI with the Galaxy S24 series. As a result, the company's latest S-series phones boast a suite of Generative AI-powered software features, which are slated to arrive on the Galaxy S23 lineup.

Some older Galaxy phones including the Galaxy Z Flip 5, Galaxy Z Fold 5 and the Galaxy Tab S9 series are also expected to get Galaxy AI features in the future. In the meantime, the Korean smartphone giant has integrated Galaxy AI with Bixby, enabling hands-free access to features like call assistance and language translation through voice commands.

Making an announcement via a blog post on the global Newsroom, Samsung said: "With Bixby, users can quickly bring up and activate Galaxy AI features hands-free, taking away the need to physically search through your device to find the feature of your choice."

Hands-free AI with Bixby for the Galaxy S24

Bixby simplifies and expedites the process of summoning and activating Galaxy AI features on the Galaxy S24 series. For instance, you can ask Bixby to summarise the key points of an article you're reading online or initiate a call with a hotel abroad in a local language.

In Samsung Notes, Bixby can come in handy for summarising text-based notes (currently in beta) or transcribing voice recordings to text, which requires an internet connection. Aside from this, you can use a Bixby voice command to turn on the Interpreter Mode.

When Galaxy S24 users want to talk with someone who speaks a different language, they can simply say: "Hi Bixby, turn on Interpreter." The phone will automatically begin translating the conversation.

Bixby is also compatible with several stock Samsung apps including Interpreter, Phone, Samsung Internet, Samsung Notes and Voice Recorder. As if that weren't enough, it translates conversations in real-time during calls and even offers face-to-face translation through Interpreter Mode.

It also assists you with grammar and spelling while you type on your Samsung device and gives you key points from web pages. AI-integrated Bixby was made available to US-based Galaxy S24 owners on February 16, but Samsung is now rolling out the feature globally.

According to the Korean brand, Bixby's activation of Galaxy AI will be applied to all supporting languages including Chinese, English (US, UK, and India), French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Spain) and Spanish (Latin America).

It is worth noting that Chinese consumers got the Baidu search functionality instead of Google's Gemini AI on their Galaxy S24 phones. Recently, a lot of Galaxy S24 owners in the country expressed their dissatisfaction over Baidu's search capabilities on the phones.