Hucknall, Nottinghamshire residents Laura Hoyle, 40, and Kirk Stevens, 39, won the jackpot in the National Lottery's Set For Life draw - a total of £3.6million split over 30 years, during the national Covid lockdown last March.

The Mirror reports that the pair met in 2018 and Laura soon moved into Kirk's £240,000 three-bed house in Hucknall. Mr Stevens had been letting Miss Hoyle live with him for free as he "didn't expect her to pay rent."

Later, the pair decided she would put £25 every week into the lotto, hoping to get lucky.

When this came true the couple used their winnings to become professional ghost hunters. Laura quit her job and splashed out on a Porsche Cayenne.

However, just a year and a half later Kirk was left stunned after he claims Laura broke up with him.

Laura moved into a new, luxurious palace and cut off her ex-boyfriend from the jackpot. Kirk believes he is still entitled to a share of the money and claims they were joint winners - despite the ticket being bought in Laura's name and attached to her account only.

Speaking to The Sun, he said, "Laura had told me we'd live the life of Riley if we won. Now she's gone. She pulled the plug and took everything. She even wants our two dogs."

Kirk further adds, "At first, I didn't know if it was a permanent split, so I didn't mention the money. But when it became clear we were not going to work things out, I asked her: 'What about our Lottery win?' She said, "It's not ours, it's mine."

Kirk is still heartbroken and shares, "She made it very clear she wasn't going to be splitting the money with me. Up until we split, Laura had been paying me £1k a month, but that stopped when she moved out. She claimed it was 'rent' and that she wouldn't pay it now she'd left."

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