An unnamed young boy travelling with his family to celebrate a religious holiday was tragically decapitated on December 11 after he stuck his head out of a bus window and hit a post. The Sun reports that the boy died on the scene, and Red Cross paramedics could do nothing but confirm the boy's untimely death.

The horrific accident happened while the family was on their way to celebrate a Catholic pilgrimage in Veracruz, Mexico. Witnesses reported seeing the child suddenly sticking his head out of the window as the bus moved. When the fast-moving vehicle moved closer to the side of the road, the child's head was struck by a street lamp, fatally injuring the kid.

Before the police had arrived at the scene, the bus driver had already escaped, and the grieving family was left to make sense of what had happened. Social media users who received this tragic news quickly blamed the child's parents for not stopping their son.

Facebook user Sonia Rodriguez commented, "My parents always taught me to never stick my head out the window of a vehicle." While Acor M Msilla seconded it with, "I remember what they always told us as children. Don't stick your head out the car window. Poor little creature."

Netizen Carmen Cunurana Ale also gave her two cents on the accident and cautioned other parents to be more aware of what their kids are doing, "That's why parents should always teach their children not to put their heads out when they're travelling on the bus."

Transport for London reports that road accidents in Greater London In 2021 saw a 28 per cent increase in people getting killed or seriously injured in collisions involving a bus compared to 2020. Civilian deaths rose from 135 to 174 people.

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