Simon Cowell and Alicia Douvall
The model claimed that she and former boyfriend Simon Cowell once had sex 11 times in one night Reuters

British model Alicia Douvall has spoken about her night of passion with Britain's Got Talent judge Simon Cowell.

The claims follow earlier details of Cowell's antics with Danni Minogue, in a reportedly unauthorised biography. Douvall was said to have been upset that was left out of Cowell's biography and went public with her claim.

"On the third of fourth date we ended up doing it 11 times in one night. We started having sex and went on through the night. We slept a little bit in between but only for a few minutes," Douvall told the Daily Mail.

"Every time we had sex he would analyse my performance just like a judge on the TV and say how there could be an improvement next time," Douvall claimed.

She said she soon became Cowell's "Ten to Eleven Girl" - apparently he would telephone her every evening, at around that time, if he felt lonely.

She added that she had slept with him five times after they separated and was not surprised his engagement with Mezghan Hussainy failed because he was not the "marrying type." Douvall's relationship with Cowell ended, she said, after six months when he threw her away like an "old toy".

In another "revelation", Tim Bowers, the author of the biography, said the reason why Cowell's relationships did not work was because of his power issues.

"If he refused to commit himself Hussainy intimated she might end up accepting an offer from another person to whom she had become close," Bowers told the Sunday Times. According to him, since Cowell was getting concerned about his age, he proposed to Hussainy with a £250,000 ring.

Cowell has hit out at the biography, saying it has has embarrassed him.