Once upon a time, a phone was used to just make and receive calls. Indeed, the batteries would last long without having to charge again and again. But, in today's tech world, smartphones seem to be feature-packed and more powerful which provides audio/video playback, access to internet, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connectivity, access to apps and more that contribute to draining the smartphone's battery.

Check out top ten ways to boost your smartphone's battery life:

[1] Turn off 3G/ 4G/ Bluetooth/ Wi-Fi

It is better to turn off the 3G, 4G, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi when you do not use them as air signals and wireless connection will consume more battery life. 3G consumes more power when compared to 2G. In some cases, if the 3G coverage area is weak then it will consume more battery power in order to hang on to the signal when downloading any file.

[2] Do not set to vibrations

This mode consumes more power than it takes to ring. Users are advised to turn on to vibration only when it is actually required, while keeping the device on the ringer mode can help in extending its battery life.

[3] Dim the Screen

Bright screen looks great but at the same time it will take more battery power. In order to increase the battery life you can go into settings and lower the brightness of the screen. Possibly, setting automatic brightness will also contribute in maintaining the device's battery life.

[4] Remove Unnecessary apps

If there are several apps running in the background of the device it will rapidly drain the battery. A smartphone is an expert in running multiple tasks at a time. By killing the unnecessary apps you can reduce power consumption.

[5] Lock your device

There are chances when your device might accidentally call someone which will unnecessarily consume battery power. By locking your device you will not only keep your device secure but will also contribute to balancing the battery life.

[6] Set your device to power-saving mode

Using your device in power-saving mode is a major step towards extending its battery life.

[7] Animated wallpapers

Usage of animated wallpapers on your device will consume more power. Try to turn off the animations on background, instead opt for static backgrounds which will help in reducing the consumption of more power.

[8] Keep your device cool

Overheating can cause damage to your device's battery. Users are advised to keep their phones away from hot places. Doing so will not only result in draining of battery faster but it will damage it as well.

[9] Update your device

You can check for the latest updates for your smartphone as they may help in improving the power efficiency of the device.

[10] Turn off push notifications

It is recommended to turn off the push notifications when not required. It will not only download e-mails or notifications from third-party apps but will quickly drain the device's battery.