PS4 UK Launch: Tips and Tricks for Sony's Next-gen console
The PlayStation 4 will go on sale in the UK at midnight on Friday, offering gamers a lot of new features. (Sony)

PlayStation 4 fans around the UK will get a chance to grab the next-gen console from midnight on Friday, 29 November, costing £349 and with over 400 stores hosting special midnight launches.

Having played with Sony's new console for a few days now, here are some tips and tricks that we think you should try out:

1. Talk to Your PS4

Feeling alone? Then your PlayStation might just be the right person to talk to. Say "Take a screenshot" and the console will snap one and save it so that you can view it later. Other voice activated functions include the ability to turn the console off by simply asking it to do so. However, all this is possible only if you have the PlayStation Camera.

2. Headphone Jack Built into Controllers

Sony has added headphone jacks right into the DualShock 4 controllers so that users can plug in their headphones or earphones. This means that you won't have to worry about disturbing anyone around you. Another advantage is that the position of your console or AV deck won't matter, since even the shortest earphone cord will be able to reach your controller while you're playing.

3. Updates and Downloads While on Standby Mode

Here's a function that most users will absolutely love. Go to the power saving settings and you will find an option that will allow the console to connect to the internet while on standby mode, thereby letting download updates and install games. This way, you can let the console do all the dirty work while you're away, allowing you to focus on nothing but gaming when you're back.

4. Charging DualShock Controllers With Mobile Phone Chargers

Another wonderful feature in the new controllers happens to be the fact that they use a micro-USB socket instead of the older mini-USB ports that were seen on the older controllers. This means that you can charge the controller with most smartphone chargers.

5. Send Screenshots Through Messages

Sony allows you to share screenshots from the console with your friends so that you can brag about that insane frag count that you just scored.

6. Automatic Power Down

Sony has included a feature by which the power settings can be tweaked after the console or DualShock 4 controller has witnessed a set period of inactivity.

7. Connect Bluetooth Keyboard

Sony has made it possible for you to connect an external Bluetooth keyboard to the device in case you're in a situation that calls for some typing. Simply head over to "devices" in the settings area and enter "Bluetooth Settings". Switch on your keyboards Bluetooth, find and connect.

8. Charge Controllers on Standby

Users can charge their controllers while the console is on 'standby mode'. All you have to do is go to the power saving settings and choose an option to set functions available in standby mode. Tick the function called "supply power from USB ports" and you will be able to charge a controller even when the PS4 is asleep.

9. Remote Play Over Your PS Vista

There's an option to connect to your PS Vista for remote play. After you've set things up, you can simply open the PS4 app on the PS Vista to connect instantly.