Sony is reportedly planning to unveil an all-new SmartWatch at the Mobile Asia Expo next week in Shanghai.

The company has taken to Twitter to drop not-so-subtle hints about the forthcoming product.

One of the tweets states: "One in three smartphone users want smart wrist wear."

Sony SmartWatch Twitter Post (Courtesy:
Sony SmartWatch Twitter Post (

The current generation of Sony SmartWatch looks like a regular watch, but has a body that can be detached from the strap. The website reports that straps can be changed quickly depending on the wearer's mood or outfit. The SmartWatch can connect to a user's phone via Bluetooth and allows the wearer to play music, answer and make calls, keep an eye on notifications and post on Facebook and Twitter.

The device features a capacitive touch screen display and is compatible with Sony handsets running Android 2.1 or above.

The all-new version of the Sony SmartWatch is likely to include an Android operating system and NFC wireless options for easier pairing of the device with smartphones.

Sony SmartWatch (Courtesy:
Sony SmartWatch (

Other companies, including tech giants Apple and Samsung, have long been rumoured to be working on smart watches of their own. Sony's first such product came out in 2007, and was called LiveView. LiveView carried functions such as Facebook and Twitter social feeds, texts, time, date and other functions. But it did not feature a touch screen, and failed to set the world alight..

Sony LiveView (Courtesy:
Sony LiveView (

According to reports, Sony has scheduled various press events in Germany and Shanghai for 25 June, when the SmartWatch and a long-rumoured 6.4in phablet are likely to be revealed.

The current model SmartWatch is still available on the Sony mobile shopping website for £79. The forthcoming device is likely to cost a little more.