BetAbram's house 3D printer
BetAbram's house 3D printer BetAbram

Have you always wanted to try your hand at 3D-printing a building? Are you jealous of the Chinese architect who 3D-printed 10 houses in 24 hours?

Well, you might be interested in buying the world's first commercial house 3D-printer for £9,800 (€12,000, $16,000).

Slovenian firm BetAbram have designed a 3D printer capable of printing a house, and they plan to release it in August under the name BetAbram P3.

This 3D printer can print buildings measuring 12 sq m, and so far, the company has only produced miniature houses and sculptures with the printer.

BetAbram is also planning to release two other 3D printers in September that can print even larger structures, with the P2 printing structures measuring up to 72 sq m, while the P3 will print structures up to 144 sq m.

"We have already constructed all three types, but we are still developing software for BetAbram P2 and P1 printers," BetAbram told 3D Printer Plans.

"We haven't built a real house yet, because P2 and P1 printer software is still under development. It will be ready in September 2014 along with P2 and P1 printers."

In theory, these 3D printers could greatly help to bring affordable housing to people in developing countries. It's worth noting though that the 3D printer in China can print houses of up to 200 sq m.

Check out the video below to see the one of the 3D printers in action: