Garry Marshall's new romantic comedy "New Year's Eve" had its world premiere at Grauman's Chinese Theatre, California.

Leading stars Zac Efron, Michelle Pfeiffer and Abigail Breslin were among the others who lined up for the event.

Marshall's movie is said to be centred around love, loss, lust and such other themes.

The movie features a few Oscar winners in pivotal roles. According to a Montreal Gazette preview, Robert De Niro plays a man on his deathbed in the movie and Halle Berry his nurse. Hilary Swank is a stressed-out producer of the Times Square events and Michelle Pfeiffer enacts a dowdy secretary who decides to realise her resolutions.

The former jazz musician hopes to repeat the success of his 2010 blockbuster "Valentine's Day."

"New Year's Eve" is slated to be released in the UK on December 8.

Here are some of the glittering moments from the premiere: