Steve Harvey and Miss Colombia
Host Steve Harvey (L) listens as Ariadna Gutierrez Arevalo answers a question during the interview portion of the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant on 20 December 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The first meeting between comedian Steve Harvey and Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez after the infamous mix-up during the 2015 Miss Universe contest, as expected, was an emotional one. They met when Harvey interviewed Ariadna Gutierrez for the Miss Universe: The Truth on The Steve Harvey Show.

In December 2015, Harvey had mistakenly declared Gutierrez as the winner of the Miss Universe pageant. An emotional Steve Harvey is seen apologising to Gutierrez for causing such an embarrassing moment. "Because of a mistake I've made, I cast you into a spotlight, a place, that I never intended to, that I would not want happen to anybody. I just want to say how sorry I am. I really am. I'm beyond sorry for what happened that night and that it was you. At the end of the day, I hope we walk away from this with something special," said a choked Harvey.

"How do you feel about the way I handled the situation?" Harvey asks Gutierrez as revealed in a sneak peek of part two of his interview, which will air on 19 January in the US.

"What were your thoughts? Because it happened to you. Genuinely, how did you feel I handled the situation?"

Gutierrez is all smiles when she says, "You have to learn how to read cards, because it was on the card," she joked. It drew a lot of laughter from the crowd.

"You wanted me to win," she added and Harvey yelled, "Yes! I wanted you to win. I can leave it at that."

When Gutierrez said, "I was laughing. If you see the videos, I was laughing, because I thought you were about to make a joke," Harvey responded that it would have been the "worst damn joke I ever written in my life."