Steve Jobs with Mac Mini
Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died of pancreatic cancer in late 2011. Reuters

An image of a man who resembles Apple's late co-founder Steve Jobs, being pushed around in a wheelchair went viral on Reddit.

Reddit user TheHorseSizedDuck uploaded a selfie to the popular social-networking website along with the caption: "Steve Jobs is in Rio de Janeiro, alive."

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs
The man in the selfie has a striking resemblance to the Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. Reddit/TheHorseSizedDuck

In the picture, the man who has striking similarity to Jobs, is seen in a black top, and is being pushed around in a wheelchair by a caretaker.

Some Reddit users were not pleased with the selfie and tagged it as insensitive. Jobs died of pancreatic cancer in late 2011.

Reddit user therealrandyquaid wrote: "Caught him taking a picture of his patient pretending to take a selfie. I'm amazed that people don't understand how rude this is. Either that or they don't care. Knowing people, they understand, they just don't care."

Meanwhile, another user CaptainSnacks was in good spirits: "I am legitimately convinced that there is just an island full of "dead" celebrities out in the Pacific. You get sick of fame? You move to Dead Celebrity Island. Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger, Amy Winehouse, PSH, Mitch Hedberg, you name it, are all there. Except Kurt Cobain. Courtney Love shot that motherf****r, I know it."